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Funko Pop! TV: Simpsons - Homerzilla

Funko Pop! TV: Simpsons - Homerzilla

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  • Halloween decorations and displays of The Simpsons get weirder with Pop! Homerzilla! Homer has been transformed due to a Treehouse of Horror twist of events; With Pop! Homerzilla there’s no need to take down your display for the animated comedy show during the spooky season
  • PREMIUM VINYL MATERIAL - Made from high-quality, durable vinyl, this collectible is built to last and withstand daily wear, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for fans and collectors alike
  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION - Add this unique HOMER SIMPSON vinyl display piece to your growing assortment of Funko Pop! figures, and seek out other rare and exclusive collectible items for a complete set
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THE SIMPSONS FANS - Ideal for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions and as a present this exclusive figurine is a must-have addition to any The Simpsons merchandise collection
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